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Adult Males:

Sir Chase of Oak Grove:
Sir Chase of Oak Grove was born on November 30, 2003. He is one of our new and up-coming studs! He has a beautiful coat, a very dark red, and loves to be loved! There is not an object too large for him to pick up and bring to you. He loves to show off his gifts and gets so excited if you praise him for his efforts. He is a very proud male!

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Sir Cody of Oak Grove:
Cody was born August 8, 2009. He is the son Reggie and Bailey. He has a wonderful personality, temperament and loves to play.

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EolaHills Reggies-A-Star:
Reggie was born February 1, 2003. He is my blonde male and has a beautiful full coat and broad head. He is quickly approaching two and is so ready to become a daddy. What a wonderful companion he is to us and I am so grateful to a good friend who I got him from for sharing him with us, thank you Robin!

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Sir Jake of Oak Grove:
Jake is a beautiful Dark Golden, he is the son of Sir Chase and Lady Ashley. He has beautiful hunting lines from both his father and mother as well as some of their best qualities.

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Sir Maxwell of Oak Grove: (passed away in April of 2009)
Maxwell comes from the Wahkiakum Kennels, who's show and hunting lines are Sungold Lad's Tallisman and Misty's Sungold Lad.

Max has been our stud for the last 7 years and is the most loving, tender hearted golden I have ever known. Everyone who buys a puppy has said, "they would be just as happy if we would let them have our Maxwell." He is dark red with a beautiful long smooth wavy coat and long feathers. He is very proud and his head is always held high. He is very self-confident and extrememly intelligent. He loves to run and has been clocked at 25-30 miles an hour on with our 4-wheeler. Every time I come home he has a leaf or stick or some present to give me as I get out of the car.

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Sir Rusty Lawson of Oak Grove Goldens:
Sir Rusty was born on May 12, 2010 to Sadee and Semper Deuce Cooper.

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Adult Females:

Lady Abby of Oak Grove:
Lady Abby of Oak Grove has the flatter Dark Golden coat and the shorter legs. Her head is broader and her temperament is wonderful!

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Alex Mae:
Alex Mae is a beautiful extremely Dark Red Golden. Her parents are Princess Lilly May and Sir Rusty Lawson

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Lady Ann of Oak Grove:
Lady Ann of Oak Grove is the daughter of Lady Molly and EolaHills Reggies-A-Star. She has the long legs like her dad and mom with a Dark Golden flat coat with long, wavy feathers. She is very loving and minds very well

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Lady Ashley of Oak Grove:
Lady Ashley of Oak Grove has strong hunting lines of Smoke'n Red Devil and Topbrass Cotton. She has a dark red wavy coat. She as well as my other dogs loves children and will gladly accept all the attention you can give her. She loves to play, hunt and romp with the rest of the dogs. She is a wonderful mother and friend to everyone.

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Lady Bailey of Oak Grove:
Lady Bailey of Oak Grove was born May 23, 2004. Her parents are Lady Madaline Marie and Sir Maxwell of Oak Grove. She also has beautiful hunting and show lines. She comes from both Wahkiakum and Peppercreek's Kennels. She has a beautiful full coat and a very loving personality. And, if she is anything like her mother, she will be the great hunter of Oak Grove. Thanks to her mom there isn't a squirrel or mouse alive on the property.

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Lady Bella of Oak Grove:
Lady Blla of Oak Grove has beautiful pedigree lines: on her mother's side the "Last of the Mo-hicans" and on her father's side is "CH Sunshine's Horsin' Around." She has a flatter coat which is medium-light golden in color and has beautiful long feathers

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Lady Cassie:
Lady Cassie is the daughter of Lady Lexie and Eola Hills Reggie. She is a Dark Golden and is taller in stature with a beautiful coat. She has a very loving temperament and loves being with people and children. With, Sir Maxwell as her grandpa she carries the Wahkiakum lines which is know for their hunting, and with Reggie as her Father she has Champion Field Trial lines.

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Lady Charley:
Lady Charley's parents are Sir Rusty and Lady Ashley. She is a beautiful, dark red, Golden with the little shorter stature. Charley is a very sweet and loving Golden and an excellent mom.

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Lady Emily of Oak Grove:
Lady Emily of Oak Grove was born July 12, 2004. Her parents are Lady Hannah of Oak Grove and Sir Maxwell of Oak Grove. She is a beautiful Dark Red Golden. She has champion show and hunting lines which stem from the Wahkiakum Kennels and others. She has a wonderful personality and is still at that age where she always seems to find some sort of mischief to get into.

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Lady Daisy of Oak Grove:
Lady Daisy's parents are Lady Sabrina and Sir Cody. She is a Dark Golden in color and has a beautiful flat coat, she really resembles her dad.

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Lady Gracie of Oak Grove:
Lady Gracie of Oak Grove was born on May 6, 2009 and her parents are Lady Ashley and Sir Chase of Oak Grove. She has a very dark red in color and has a short, soft and wavy coat.

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Lady Hannah of Oak Grove:
Lady Hannah of Oak Grove lines are from Yankee's Smoke'n Red Devil and Topbrass Cotton. She has a dark red wavy coat and her temperment is extremenly gentle. She is a wonderful mother and she also loves to run with the 4-wheelers. Hunting comes to her naturally, so she is always off finding something that keeps her interest on our farm.

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Lady Izzy of Oak Grove:
Izzy was born on August 8, 2011 and her parents are Lady Emily and Sir Rusty. Izzy is a very Dark Red Golden, with a flat coat, just like her mom!

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Josie's parents are Ashley and Rusty

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Lady Katelyn (Katie) of Oak Grove:
Lady Katelyn is a medium-light golden in color, and she has a little shorter hair with a slight wave to it.

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Lady Lacy of Oak Grove:
Lacy was born April 10, 2011 and her parents are Lady Samantha and Sir Cody. She has a beautiful, flat coat, a very sweet personality, and has very good manners.

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Lady Lexie of Oak Grove:
Lady Lexie of Oak Grove is the pup of Sir Maxwell and Lady Ashley. She was born April 28, 2005. She also has the Wahkiakum lines as well as the Last of the Mo-hicans and Wraith's Duncan.

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Princess Lilly:
Princess Lilly belongs to my daughter, Jenice, and she is a beautiful Golden. She was born on 3/15/2005 and her parents were King Arthors Lady Sophie and Captain Sam's Golden Day. Princess Lilly has a wonderful personality and her temperment is very loving to all animals which include cats.

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Lucy May of Oak Grove:
Lucy May's parents are Lady Emily and Sir Chase. She has a dark red, short wavy coat.

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Lady Madaline Marie:
Lady Madaline Marie comes from Peppercreek Whistler. She has a medium red coat that has a very thick undercoat and beautiful long feathers. Her temperment is very loving and is always wanting your attention. She is a natural born hunter and mother, she teaches her pups at an early age what a bird, squirrel or mole is.

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Lady Meg of Oak Grove:
Meg is a wonderful Golden Retriever, she is half American and European; Sadee and she are sisters.

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Lady Millie of Oak Grove:
Her parents are Lady Ashley and Sir Rusty and she was born Oct. 1, 2012. She is very Dark Red Golden and has a beautiful flat coat with long feathers.

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Lady Molly of Oak Grove:
Lady Molly of Oak Grove was born November 17, 2003. Her parents are Sir Maxwell of Oak Grove and Lady Madaline Marie, which are Wahkiakum and Peppercreek Kennels. She looks so much like her mom and also has a very loving personality. She loves running on the property, as do all of them, and keeping up with the 4 wheelers.

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Molly May of Oak Grove:
Molly May is the daughter of Lilly and Reggie. She is a beautiful Dark Red Golden who really enjoys being around people and is always eager to please.

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Riley May of Oak Grove Goldens:
Riley has a beautiful, soft, wavy coat and has a beautiful blend of a light and medium golden color.

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Lady Sabrina of Oak Grove:
Lady Sabrina of Oak Grove has a Dark Golden with some light Golden streaks through her beautiful wavy hair.

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Sadee May of Oak Grove:
Sadee May of Oak Grove is a beautiful, White Golden Retriever.

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Lady Samantha of Oak Grove:
Lady Samantha of Oak Grove was born February 3, 2006. Her parents are Sir Chase and Lady Hannah. She has a rich thick flat coat of beautiful hair with the shorter leg of a hunting dog.

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Lady Sophie of Oak Grove:
Lady Sophie of Oak Grove was born August 2009. Her parents are Lady Bailey and Reggie of Oak Grove and she has Bailey's Dark Red coat. She carries on her parents linage of Wahkiakum and Peppercreek Kennels.

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Lady Ukia of Oak Grove:
Lady Ukia of Oak Grove was born on June 10, 2006. Her parents are Lady Emily of Oak Grove and Sir Chase of Oak Grove. She has the same dark red coat as her dad.

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