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Adult Males:

Sir Buck of Oak Grove:
Buck was born August 19, 2016. We bought him from outside and he brings great new lines to our litters.

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Sir Charles of Oak Grove:
Charles was born on Aug 31, 2019. His hair is short and wavy hair and is darker with lighter highlights. His parents are beautiful Dark Red.

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Adult Females:

Lady Bella of Oak Grove:
Bella has a beautiful, Dark Red flat coat and so sweet! She was born on 09/08/2019 to Sir Cooper and Lady Sage

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Lady Camille of Oak Grove:
Lady Camille of Oak Grove (Cami) is a beautiful Dark Red Golden, her parents are Sage & Cooper.

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Lady Ellie of Oak Grove:
Ellie's parents are Sage and Cooper, who have excellent hunting lines. She is a Dark Red Golden with a wavy, short coat.

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Lady Haley of Oak Grove:
Haley's parents are Cooper and Sage. She is a beautiful dark red Golden.

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Lillie Lee Lawson:
Lillie's parents are Elsa May of Oak Grove and Sir Buck of Oak Grove. She is a really sweet, loving girl and once in a while she will even smile like her mom does.

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Maddie Mae of Oak Grove:
Maddie Mae was born 01/31/2020 and her parents are Molly & Cooper.

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Lady Missy of Oak Grove:
Missy was born on April 29, 2017, and her parents are Millie and Cooper. She is a Dark Red Golden with a very sweet personality.

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Lady Piper of Oak Grove:
Piper is the daughter of Lady Sage and Sir Cooper. She is Medium Golden in color.

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Lady Sidney of Oak Grove:
February 16, 2018, she has a white flat coatShe is very loving and tender, Sidney has a great disposition, personality, and loves everybody!

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